What can you express a 6-15 second video that will infinitely repeat? It takes a lot of work to make a short video!

Use either Vine or Instagram apps to create short looping videos. You might create a stop motion animation sequence, or something that documents a natural process or a sequence of steps. Give strong consideration on how to make a seamless loop, by making sure the last frames in the sequence match the first.

Start with a plan on paper- sketch out the sequence as a storyboard or an outline. Figure out what you will need in terms of props, lighting, and the way you will set up your iPad to get a steady recording. Take a photo of your planning materials, and your set up so you can use it in your later writeups.

In June 2013 Mashable published a comparison between the two apps (note that since that Instagram videos automatically loop; for our purposes the differences are not important. For both apps, you activate the video camera on your device, and press and hold the screen to record. You can tap to record single frames or hold for longer bursts. You need to record it in order of playback as you have minimal tools for editing the sequence.

Think less about continuous video and more about how rapid sequences or cuts between scenes can generate a message.

With both apps you can create accounts via twitter and or facebook accounts, and share back out your videos to several services.

Some useful resources include:

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