Synthesize a musical set of tones that can suggest a mood or emotion.

When you listen closely to television or radio shows, you may notice the use of instrumental background music to indicate the mood or emotion of a scene. Let’s see if you can manufacture one using a touch interface app. No musical experience required, just curiosity!

Pick a mood or emotion you might want to convey in a project, e.g. love, tension, excitement, dread, fear, hope, anger, frustration. Use an app like SoundPrism to generate a one minute sound sequence that might suggest the feeling you are aiming for.

When you add your response below, do not give away the intended mood or tone in the title or description — see if people can guess in the comments.



Example for "Mood / Tone Generator":

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40 Responses Completed for this Challenge

  • Musica (Paloma Gallegos Tejeda, @gallego11paloma)

    Me encanta la idea de explorar el sonido   Related Posts:Flipagram una herramienta para hacer videos cortosSilviaSonidoUn gif animado útil para la claseUn gif animado útil para la claseFlipagram una app para hacer videos cortos

  • Turuntun – Fidel Romero (Fidel Romero, @fidelromero_mx)

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  • Generando tonos (Kleophé Alfaro, @KleopheAlfaro)

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  • Sonidos (Laura López López, @laura_cutonala)

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  • Actividad 1 sound prism (René Alejandro Ibarra Franco, @renealex_agn)

    He creado  Mi primera melodía Mediante Sound Prism, espero pronto aplicarla en mi materia de Análisis De los Valores y Riesgos del grupo de interés que será un apoyo interactivo de gran utilidad Related Posts:Crear un comichacer memes es usar ingeniohacer memes es usar ingenioAprendizaje compartidoGroup investigationSequence chains

  • Tensión y suspenso (NOE GONZALEZ GALLEGOS, @tren80)

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  • Mozart (Montserrat García, @MontseGSantana)

    Música creada para día d spa #udgagora Related Posts:Flipagram una herramienta para hacer videos cortosMusicaFlipagram una app para hacer videos cortosEl FerSeptember 23, 2016 #UdGAgora HangoutPrimer día diplomado #udgagora

  • RingTone de Agora (Jose Sahagun, @PepSaha)

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  • Musica (Fabiola aceves, @fabyac79)

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  • Música Relax (Efren Lozano Hernandez, @EfrenLozanoHdez)

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    2 Resources for this Challenge

    • Figure App (Alan Levine, @cogdog)

      This iOS app can generate music tracks by mixing settings for drums, bass, lead, Make music without having to be a musician. Related Posts:For sure I will save everybody, including thememes tepabrilThese Acapella Videos Taking Over Twitter Are IncredibleAprendiendoMake a GIFSaving Your Stuff: Managing Media Files in Your iPad

    • SoundPrism App (Alan Levine, @cogdog)

      Create melodic sounds without any musical knowledge. This app uses the iPad touch interface to generate music. Related Posts:Acerca del IpadTuruntun – Fidel RomeroThe iPad is my padThe iPad as my padHow to draw a square and put a hatchShake it¡

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