Tell us something about the Agora to celebrate!

You have walked the Agora, listened to tweeting birds, seen daily oddities. This Challenge is easy and designed to help you practice using the Challenge Bank.

  • We have assembled a collection of animated GIFs that express celebration– follow this link to see one randomly chosen for you (the link will open in a new browser window).
  • Think of a short sentence (one that will fit in a tweet) that says how this celebrates something you did in the Agora.
  • Send your short sentence as a tweet with the link to this page (when viewing your random celebration on an iPad use the share button ) that includes the #UdGAgora hashtag, e.g.



  • Now, find your tweet! On an iPad, open the twitter app. Click the icon for your account (“Cuenta”). You should see your tweet:





  • Click on the time/date in the top right corner to see the full tweet.
  • Click the 3 dot button (•••). From the menu select Copiar enlace al Tweet  (Copy Tweet URL).

This URL is your example to use when submitting your response below. When you write your response, you can explain more about what you thought when you saw this image.

And you can celebrate, because you have completed this Challenge.




Example for "What Are We Celebrating?":

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