Fifty People One Question (Resource)

Added by Alan Levine, Resource for One Question (or Vox Populi) Audio Interviews Challenge

Fifty People One Question is an ongoing social experiment and film series exploring human connections through people and place. The project began in New Orleans in 2008 and has since traveled across the globe, touching millions of viewers. Along the way, the films have captured a small slice of humanity; to discover dreams, losses, reflections, stories and secrets, some shared and some completely unrepeatable.

Adding a Spanish reference to Tony Bates’ open textbook (Response)

Added by tannis, Response for I wish I could change this textbook Challenge

The original page in Tony Bates’ open textbook Teaching in the Digital Age  did not mention ProyectoLAtin as a source for open textbooks.  I added this reference to the open textbook and added a screenshot of ProyectoLAtin.  I used Evernote to create the new page but if I was going to use the whole book with students I would copy and paste it into a google document and where students or myself could make edits. Then I would share the remixed version back.

Freesound (Resource)

Added by Alan Levine, Resource for Recorded Sound Effect Story Challenge

A huge library of open licensed sounds and sound effects perfect for this kind of challenge (you will have to create an account to download files).

How to be the King of Foley (Response)

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You can become a master in the art of foley, making sounds, like the masters in Hollywood, simply by using ordinary items in your house. I found a rolling pin, a pillow, and a bunch of limp celery in the fridge. I sent a link to my uncle Freddy, who is a bit of a film buff. He sent this back: flickr photo shared by wikioticsIan under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license