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A response to the Exploring the possibilities of collaborative learning Challenge
created by Noe Gonzalez (@tren80)

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Task: To increase the knowledge that each student obtains through a lecture.

Step number one. The teacher assigns a controversial reading to his students, in this case “La alimentación en la evolución del hombre” (available on:

Step number two. Each student gets an account on to open his or her own blog online, in that blog they gonna write their journal with reflections and comments about the reading. (Make sure that the blog configurations includes space to feedback).

Step number three. Several times through the term, ask the student to exchange their journal with other students.

Step number four. Students are asked to provide comments and ask questions in each others you’re not in support of their own in their peer’s learning. They gonna use the feedback space in the blog.

Why use it?: to connect the thinking of each one to the knowledge that another gets with the same material. To complete the self assessment with the assessments of others.

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