The Open Web Taco

A response to the ETUG Taco Challenge Challenge
created by Alan Levine (@cogdog)

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An international tradition for over 25 years, the biggest tortilla ever made…

  1. The wrap: the free, unfettered, net neutral network as envisioned by the original cooks who stayed up late night in the kitchen
  2. The filling:  individuals and organizations (example) who see value in the open, all way flow of ideas and media and the open source tools they share and contribute to
  3. The toppings:  OERs, open textbook, openly licensed content, publications funded by the public that are freely share with them, and a few cat memes


from the Sad Girls Guide


Internet map image from University of Notre Dame CCNR Gallery
NCI Flour Tortilla image: public domain Wikimedia Commons Image

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