photo glossary Response

Added by Xochitl Soriano, response for Student Created Content Challenge

In this activity, the teacher will provide students with a list of key basic vocabulary students have to master for the rest of their lives, and they must know and identify them because they will need to use them in daily basis during the  four year lidile program. Students will each get 2 different terms, they have to find out the meaning and then take a picture that represents the meaning. They will have to write a simplified definition and more… »

Investigación grupal sobre Seguridad Ciudadana Response

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1. Previo a la actividad se les solicita a los estudiantes pensar en 3 temas sobre seguridad ciudadana para compartirlos con sus compañeros al día siguiente. 2. Se realiza una lluvia de ideas anotando en el pintaron los temas investigados. 3. Se delimitan los temas de investigación a desarrollar por los alumnos. 4. Se forman equipos en base a los temas elegidos por los estudiantes. 5. Cada equipo formula sus preguntas de investigación y asignan roles para elegir métodos de more… »

is networking easy? Response

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In this wired world, the need to be connected all the time is a must. However many people refuses to do so, due to the dangers that the internet has for the people because of all the information the exists. In order to do this challenge and use this open resorce, I would ask my my stpudents to read the article from previos lass / challenge and have discussion. Then, I would ask them who has social network accounts and more… »