For sure I will save everybody, including the Response

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Well I hope I never have to be in a scenario like this, but thinking on it, the first thing, for sure your have to be calm, because otherwise everything will be more caotic and won’t let you think right. And offcourse, you will have fear, but you have to change this feeling and start thinking on the safeness of the Students, because that’s why you are in a classroom. First thing is to lead the Students to a safe place, more… »

How to draw a square and put a hatch Response

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This is incredibly awesome!! Never tought do something like this. This is my first gif, not  a great cuality of the photos, but still you can have the idea of how to draw. Thanks to you all to share your knowledge.

Técnica de trabajo colaborativo Response

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La técnica se llama “Dialogue Juornals”. La estrategia consiste en que los alumnos lleven un diario sobre las ideas personales que surgen a través de la lectura, lo compartan y se comenten unos a otros. Nosotros decidimos que puede aplicarse no sólo como un diario de ideas personales de una lectura, sino que podría ser una forma de llevar un registro de dudas que surgen en clase, de términos que no se conocían antes o de cualquier información relevante que de more… »