Beyond Paper Response

Added by Lucy Rivera, Mónica Huerta, Sandra Nava, Romy Florencia, response for Beyond the Paper Challenge

Photo essay about “Respect for multiculiculturalism” in assignature social scienses.

Social science Response

Added by Alvaro Cueva, Francia Martínez, Mónica Huerta, Luz Elena Rivera, response for Exploring the possibilities of collaborative learning Challenge

This strategy’s sequence is thinking for a long period like a semester. Team (strategy): Francia Martínez (Think pair share) Alvaro Cueva (Jigsaw) Luz Elena Rivera (Sequence chains) Mónica Huerta (Case studies) In the first strategy (think pair share), we se an image about the topic for obtain the principals concepts, then using the second strategy (Jigsaw) each team explain each concept, then using the third strategy (sequence chains) each team identify the roles and activities according to the previous activity more… »