Letra's weekly challenges Response

Added by J. Ventura Chavez Perez, response for Beyond the Paper Challenge

This activity is about getting the students of the Hispanic Letters career involved in a weekly challenge. The activity consists of responding to a specific challenge proposed by the teacher first. We begin with a creation of a Facebook closed group, then the teacher posts the first challenge, for example: name three movies that made you cry. They have to respond to the challenge and they would discuss the answer of they classmates and then they volunteer to post the… Read more »

The court of Appeals Response

Added by J. Ventura Chavez, response for Identify OER and build a learning activity around them Challenge

  The United States Court of Appeals. First, the teacher presents the theme and the students have to search for a video related to that. The purpose is for the participants to analyze the American system of appeals and the compare to the Mexican system and to present their conclusions.

uso de exámenes en grupo para la clase de lengua extranjera en la carrera de derecho Response

Added by Pedro Pablo Villafania Gongora, response for Exploring the possibilities of collaborative learning Challenge

toma de exámenes en equipo 1.- formar equipos de 4 alumnos 2.- los alumnos tendrán 15minutos para estudio en grupo (vocabulario de inglés) 3.- aplicar exámenes de manera individual en 30 minutos 4.- receso de 5 minutos 5.- forma nuevos equipos de cuatro personas diferentes al equipo inicial. 6.- aplicar el examen en equipo en 20 minutos 7.- entregar la evaluación individual y grupal.  La calificación se ponderará de la siguiente manera: 60% individual y 40% grupal.