Beyond the paper challenge assessment. Response

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The students must, in small groups, choose a recent social event well known in social media. They have to make a short video with mobile devices about the possible impact of that event in their lives  or in local people lives. They’ll have only one week to do the task. They’ll have to make some brain storm and prepare the different stages of the research until they could answer the main question they asked at the beginnig of the activity and, of more… »

Co-create the course text: math cero Response

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Se aplica un examen diagnóstico para concretar los objetivos del curso. se asigna a parejas de alumnos los objetivos más débiles identificados: deben hacer investigación bibliográfica con material provisto por el maestro, en bibliotecas físicas y virtuales. de esas fuentes, deberán elegir las que se adecuen a los objetivos que solicitó el profesor Cada grupo elabora un texto que se integrará en un manual colectivo que será compartido en diversos medios electrónicos.