How could the students create a content class? Response

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I’ll give a topic or something like that to my students and they will try to explain to the others what did they learn about that, they will have time to prepare their activities. The students must to do an activity for offer the best feedback and they must to share their knowledge. They’ll decide what kind of activity they need to express and explain their knowledge, those activities could be: *Make a video: They could make a video with the more… »

Toma de decisones Response

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Materia. Autodeterminación y aprendizaje Tema. Toma de decisiones Objetivo. Identifica de que forma toma una decisión desde un aspecto emocional o racional. Acciones. Usar preguntas detonadores ¿donde siente la emoción, en que parte de su cuerpo? ¿cómo es la sensación? Después debera  graficar la emoción y redactar el proceso que sintió. Criterios de  Evaluación. Establecimiento de un proceso en la toma de decisiones. Incluye pasos del proceso. Reconoce la emoción.    

How to react in an emergency situation Response

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After to see  the videos, we found the basic steeps for any emergency situation: 1- keep calm and check my physical and mental state. 2- find a safe place or a way to be safe, not only for me but also other people. 3- ask to people what’s their condition. 4- try to rescue the girl with the healthy people and must to send the nervious or injury people to the safe place. 5- if theres not possible to rescue more… »