¿Qué entendemos por EduBauhaus?

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Bauhaus? I thought we were talking about Edupunk?

What happened to Edupunk?  Why isn’t it the new normal in higher education?

Edupunk gets replaced by “Disruption” and Udacity and Pearson are part of it

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…and nothing changes.  Does Edupunk go far enough?

What is the goal of Disruption? ( is it, as Tony Bates has stated, computers vs humans?). Or do we need a “pedagogy of disruption” and refocus our institutions?

The Bauhaus – Edupunk of the 1920s


Emerged out of a difficult period in history, utopic and practical

“From the “starchitect” to “architecture for the 99%,” we are witnessing a shift of focus in the field of architecture. However, it’s in the education system where these ideas really take root and grow. This sea change inspired us to explore past movements, influenced by economic shifts, war and the introduction of new technologies, and take a closer look at the bauhaus movement.”

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“What exactly was the Bauhaus? In the simplest of terms, it was an art school set up in opposition to the old European art academies. It evolved a new language of art and design that was abstract and dynamic, liberated from historicism.” 

Iconic and commonplace

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An institutional response in the transformation of a discipline, pedagogy, society at large.

“The Bauhaus Idea always represented a compromise between conflicting tendencies; a fanciful, utopian spirit was balanced against a more practical-minded, forward-looking character. “

Asked what the modern world should look like

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 Create a place that changes how design is taught, create the modern world

“Different disciplines shouldn’t be dealt with separately but collectively. interdisciplinary, open to the ideas of the future. Revolutionizing the everyday, and doing it for everybody



institutional approach to a broader set of goals – social transformation (CUVALLES?)

The Bauhaus was focused on redefining the art disciplines, through an integrated, collaborative interdisciplinary approach. This meant that art had to be friends with industry if it was going to have any impact, but Bauhaus could define this for industry.

Unique curriculum and format

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Impact – a new normal

Rational Disruption

“Three-quarters of a century later its most famous objects — chairs, lamps, a chess set — can be found in the MoMA gift shop, harmless examples of what was once a radical vision.” 

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Higher Education might need Edupunk and it also might need a bit of Bauhaus