Thanks for playing the UDG Agora Daily Try…

We’ve published 140 Daily Tries (one for every allowable character in a tweet?). And you have responded 1560 times. The leaderboard shows 148 different people participating.

For now, we are pausing the Daily Try. HOLD THE PHONES! We are bringing the Daily Try back to regular production starting June 14, 2016, for a new cohort of UDG Agora professors. We hope you will come back to encourage them, and do a few with us. If you do not want to wait, do one of the past ones chosen at random


Creative Commons licensed Wikimedia Commons image

Creative Commons licensed Wikimedia Commons image

If you do want to do one more Daily Try, let us know what you got out of this experience. Or how you might apply it yourself in your own work.

It’s never really over.

Tweet your response to @agoraUdG and be sure to include the hashtag #agoratry141

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