How to Ask for Help

CC0 Licensed image from Pexels
CC0 Licensed image from Pexels

We can almost guarantee you will experience confusion in the Agora, it is a chaotic place. The key for success is knowing when and how to ask for help.

Most importantly, do not hesitate!

Ask for Help on Twitter

If you have a quick question or comment tweet it @AgoraUdG along with the #udgAgora hash tag. Look we built a button to make it easy!

Most likely somebody else in the community can answer before we do. If it is something that you do not want to tweet in public, you can send a twitter direct message to @AgoraUdG.

Ask for Help via Our Contact Form

Perhaps your question will not fit in a tweet and/or you prefer not to ask it in public. You can send a detailed question about the project, the program, a technical problem, or anything else via our contact form.

Ask for Help via Email

It’s old fashioned but still works great! Send a message to for any technical or programatic questions.

Ask for Help During Office Hours

If things are moving too fast and you would like some focussed time with a coach, you can attend an Office Hours studio for extra help or extra time to complete a challenge.  Office Hour studios are listed during each Studio Series time block (see the detailed schedules).

Ask the Instructors and Coaches

You will be introduced to the instructors and coaches on the first day.  Don’t hesitate to approach an instructor or coach. We will do our best to help, or point you in the right direction.

Post on the Crowdsourced Glossary Wall

Since the program is happening mostly in English, there might be new terms that are used in the studios you do not understand.  Grab a marker and write it on the Glossary Wall, and help out by defining and/or translating key terms that others have posted.

Ask a Friend Named Google

It is a cliché and even a musical, but do not feel like it is a dumb question. Try a search on your issue, topic, question.

Then share what you found to everyone else via twitter (with the #UdGAgora hashtag) because likely someone else had the same question.

How to Participate in the Agora

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