2. Do Stuff! Design a Studio and Challenge Based Approach

Change the language, change the possibilities

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The thematic, creative, hands on space in which challenges are undertaken.  Choose your studio structure, multiple opportunities over the week to attend a studio

All studios available from Agora site, which instructors used to actually lead the studios.  New studios can be added by any participant.

Room 1 Rocking the Troika Activity
Studio Session


The goal of a studio was to have each participant leave having completed at least one challenge.

Hands on, short and sweet, doable, three levels of difficulty.

Challenge bank, new challenges can be created.

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Doing Stop Animation With GIFBoom
Doing Stop Animation With GIFBoom

http://udg.theagoraonline.net/bank/assignments/make-a-simple-meme http://udg.theagoraonline.net/bank/assignments/make-a-simple-meme

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