8. Unabashed Open Sharing is Not Only Possible and Infectious

Studios, Challenges, other materials licensed CC-BY. Fourteen challenges on the theme of openness. CC-BY was partly chosen to ensure partners (and others) could get value out of it after the project completed, and UdG wouldn’t “lose” it when we went away.

Each challenge (example) resulted in significant numbers of submissions from participants, as well as suggested resources to augment the studio. The activity all in the open, and this default was surprisingly never really challenged by participants.

Workshop activity turned up a lot of fascinating open culture work in Latin America, such as Radialista, and INTEF Banco de imagenes y sonidos.

In the past, Mexico has had a less restrictive culture around using copyrighted materials in education than Canada. But the value proposition of being able to use sharing as a means to extend their work publicly and internationally did seem to resonate.