The UDG Quiz

5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About the ¬†University of Guadalajara

A ceiling mural by Jose Orozco
A ceiling mural by Jose Orozco, in the congress chamber of the Palacio de Gobierno. “The People and its Leaders” depicts the signing of laws that abolished slavery in Mexico (see more info about Orozco’s murals)

(1) The University of Guadalajara has ______ campuses [+ show] in the state of Jalisco, including ______ campuses [+ show] in the city of Guadalajara.


(2) The UdG Virtual University has almost ______ [+ show] students enrolled in its programs.



(3) There are more than ______ [+ show] university students at the UdG.



(4) Famous Mexican painter José Clemente Orozco painted ______ [+ show] murals on the UdG campus



(5) Domestic tuition at the UdG is the Canadian equivalent of $______ / year [+ show]



Bubba, the resident gato at Villa Ganz, and a Paloma

(BONUS) True or False: Bubba the Cat is the official mascot of UdeG [+ show]




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