Shared Image Pool


Based on a SPLOT tool developed while at Thompson River University, the Image Pool offers a place for participants to share photos and any images (including animated GIFs) created or found.

Images are uploaded to the site, and information such as title, caption, person to credit are included in the web form. We encourage the use of categories and optional tags to add further ways to identity and link images– for example, if you add a tag for your name or a unique identification string (such as a twitter name), you can have a URL that shows just your images.

Or, to make it even easier, images can be added to the site via email, by sending to a special address. The subject line becomes the title, and any text is added to the entry as a caption.

Other versions have been done for collecting audio, and we could modify this type of tool to allow collection of media that includes images, audio, and video in the same site.

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