The repetitive nature of GIFs makes them excellent for demonstrating a process or series of activities.

This short video shows a copy/paste on an iPad:


A simple technique is to create a series of images, and to link them together one after another in a gif:

There are two recommended tools, but each has a disadvantage: – is powerful and easy to use. You can make GIFs from images, videos, or online videos such as YouTube. (If you create an account, you can make longer GIFs.) However, it is web-based. If the internet connection is slow, the process can be unreliable and frustrating. It may require multiple attempts to get a successful GIF.

GIFBoom App – is very easy to use, and quickly generates GIFs. However, on the iPad, you need to view the product inside the app. (It is visible on other applications.) There is only one way we have figured out to see GIFs on the iPad:

1) Create GIF:

2) Go to your Profile, view “Gallery”.

3) Select GIF. Save it to your Camera Roll as a GIF using the FullSizeRender button.

4) Tweet the image.

Example for "Create a GIF that explains a process or concept":

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