There are many ways to make a “meme-style” image. The easiest I have found is via the Mematic app.

There are a few ways you can use this app to make an image. Here is one path:

1) Take a photo, save an image, or take a screenshot of an image you would like to use. Such as…

2) Go to the Mematic app, select new meme, either take a new picture (Camera) or use an image on your iPad (Album):

3) Choose a style, add your text:

4) Save the image to your camera roll.

5) Save a copy. Then, hit Share, and email a copy to  Be sure to delete “My Mematic Meme” from the email subject line (Asunto) and the email itself. Put a title in the subject line, and a description in the email.

5) Your image will appear at:

6) Click on your image, and get the web address for that image.  Example:

7) Add your image as a response to this challenge. In the description, say a few words why you chose your image. Did you find this easy or hard to do?

Example for "Use the Mematic app to make a simple meme":

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    1. Elizabeth Valenzuela González

      Mi meme ira a mis estudiantes de la LED SUVUDGVirtual


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