Synthesize a musical set of tones that can suggest a mood or emotion.

When you listen closely to television or radio shows, you may notice the use of instrumental background music to indicate the mood or emotion of a scene. Let’s see if you can manufacture one using a touch interface app. No musical experience required, just curiosity!

Pick a mood or emotion you might want to convey in a project, e.g. love, tension, excitement, dread, fear, hope, anger, frustration. Use an app like SoundPrism to generate a one minute sound sequence that might suggest the feeling you are aiming for.

When you add your response below, do not give away the intended mood or tone in the title or description — see if people can guess in the comments.



Example for "Mood / Tone Generator":

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    2 Resources for this Challenge

    • Figure App (Alan Levine, @cogdog)

      This iOS app can generate music tracks by mixing settings for drums, bass, lead, Make music without having to be a musician.

    • SoundPrism App (Alan Levine, @cogdog)

      Create melodic sounds without any musical knowledge. This app uses the iPad touch interface to generate music.

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