Can you make a short story in audio, using just sounds you record (no voices)?

Create a short story- meaning a sequence of events which convey a sequence of events and some sense of action– by sequencing together just sounds you record into your mobile device.

Use objects you can find around you (rustling paper, drinking glasses, keys, computer keypads ), or manufacture sounds by using your own body (footsteps walking, the sound of knocking on a door). PLan a sequence of sounds that can make the listener understand only by listening.

Note that with simple recording apps, you will have to have the story planned in advance and be able to record your sounds sequentially (some apps may let you pause between segments).

The recording app we suggest trying is:

With this app you should make sure you save the sounds to a location where listeners can hear them them via a URL. Our suggestion is to use the option to save the audio to  SoundCloud but the app gives you options to save to DropBox and Google Drive. If you use a SoundCloud URL in the response form, it will display as an embedded media player as shown in this example.

When you add your Sound Effect Story below, do not give away the story by the title! Make the listeners try to guess the story.

Example for "Recorded Sound Effect Story":

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    2 Resources for this Challenge

    • Freesound (Alan Levine, @cogdog)

      A huge library of open licensed sounds and sound effects perfect for this kind of challenge (you will have to create an account to download files).

    • What is Foley Sound? (admin)

      This video shows how Foley sound artists manufacture the sounds you hear in movies.


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