If you would like to set up a display for a public place that continuously animates the activity of a twitter hashtag, try Visible Tweets. For example you might use it:

  • As an opening activity before or at the start of class. It might be a way to start discussion about the activity.
  • Set up on a monitor or TV screen in a public area such as a student cafe or community.
  • Often it is used at a conference or meeting where participants are using a common hashtag.
visible tweets

Visible Tweets does not store or save any activity, it just offers an interesting way to see the most recent activity in format that uses animation and color. It provides three different animation styles, as shown for these examples using the #UdGAgora tag:

Setting one up could not be easier. Go to Visible Tweets. You can use hashtags as the way to find tweets, or a single account, or just words that might occur in tweets:

visible tweets open

Next, as the tweets start to appear, use the Animation menu at the top to see which variety works best. Then just copy the URL from the browser to get a URL to use as the link to generate your tweets animated by Visible Tweets.

Try Visible Tweets: http://visibletweets.com/

For another type of Twitter Realtime visualization, see Twitterfall

Example for "See The Activity With Visible Tweets":

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