Open Online Educational Resources for Teaching and Learning and as Supplementary Reading Materials Response

Added by Christine Pan, response for Find an open online resource you can use Challenge

Hello everyone, I think digital journal articles and books from both UBC and SFU online libraries are excellent educational resources for teaching and learning.  Learning more from journal articles and books for designing and preparing for classes, and for course reading and writing (e.g. reader responses / research paper) can be really motivating and helpful for achieving the scholarship of teaching and learning.  OER Commons is another digital platform which provides interesting reading materials for teaching and learning.  They can more… »

Use of Visual Images for Clarification and Easy Comprehension of Texts, Key Concepts and the Meanings Response

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Hello everyone, I think visuals can be useful tools to demonstrate concepts, theories and pedagogies for teaching and learning.  When the visuals are clear and easy to comprehend, they can be of help for explaining concepts, theories and pedagogies easily, accurately and precisely. Personally, I learned about the Community of Inquiry Model and aspects of excellent teaching and learning at University of British Columbia  Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology workshops.  Fundamentally, our teachers and students’ community of practice, inquiry more… »

Creating Content and Enhancing Understanding of Learning Content and Materials Response

Added by Christine Pan, response for Student Created Content Challenge

Hello everyone, In universities, the scholarship of teaching and learning is oftentimes determined by how our instructors teach and facilitate our students for them to thrive in academia.  Our instructors’ educational backgrounds, work and research experiences, and scholarly teachings play important roles in our students’ learning, academic achievements and success in academia.  By encouraging our students to take the steps to follow simple ways to create content, work collaboratively, and take responsibility for their own learning, our instructors can both more… »

Fun Apps and Multimedia for Educational Use Response

Added by Christine Pan, response for Find an Educational Use for Fun Apps Challenge

Hello everyone, I think fun apps, such as Chatter Pix Kid App, are really good for encouraging and motivating our teachers and students to develop interest, have confidence, make achievements and succeed in teaching and learning, higher education, academia and various career realms.  Firstly, our students can watch how their teachers create and design a short self-introduction video with an iPad and Chatter Pix Kid App.  Secondly, our students can take the following steps to create and design their own more… »