Aprender inglés Response

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Nunca es tarde aprender un idioma, aunque requiere tiempo y esfuerzo, no importa la edad, la actitud es lo que cuenta. No es necesario aprenderlo todo, con un poco de vocabulario nos podemos expresar y entender aunque de manera limitada. Muchas personas se sienten incapaces de aprender por cometer errores, pero es importante recordar que “Cometer errores es una buena manera de aprender”. Ese curso nos demuestra que saber inglés es una necesidad fundamental hoy en día, por tres razones: more… »

Why Bar-headed geese can breathe 7 km high the sea level? Response

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I can use this GIF to introduce a content based instruction English language lesson for exposing students and practicing the simpre present tense. The image beneath GIF provides three different texts with information (content) that students can be used to answer the question of the lesson title. It also contains numerous examples to explain the use of the simple present tense: situations that are generally true, permanent or habits. The vocabulary used is very simple as well.

The historyry of our human rights Response

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I can use this activity to promote reading and writing skills in my students, and developing vocabulary as well. The reading process can be carried out in a collaborative way. The objectives can be: Finding the topic and main idea, geneting discussion based on a real scenario, identifying the subject and the verb of a sentence, using correctly some homonims, summarizing paragraphs (jigsaw reading) and discussing long-term goals.

Collaborative English class Response

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strategy: jigsaw applied as a collaborative learning activity Divided in teams students will be given different newspaper articles about violence in schools. They will identify context, actors, and victims. In mixed groups students share their conclusions according to all the articles and decide something they can do to avoid violence in three different situations they could be and present their final work in a two -three minute video about the way they can avoid violence in one possible context in more… »