The Power of Ordinary Practices – Quotes Worth Amplifying

Well, this seems to be a fitting follow up to my last blog post. Amabile: I believe it’s important for leaders to understand the power of ordinary practices. Seemingly ordinary, trivial, mundane, day-by-day things that leaders do and say can have an enormous impact. My guess is that a lot of leaders have very little […]

Hospital checklists and Inviting Participation

Johnnie Moore pointed to an interesting article on why checklists don’t always produce the kind of positive results expected in hospital operating rooms. I remember a few years back when I had major surgery. I had been rolled into the operating room. I was looking around and I commented on the team’s use of a […]

Dusting off

   (Image via Audrey Watters) Another intolerable blogging gap.  If this keeps up I’ll have to turn over the keys to my domain. No lack of exciting activity on this end. I’m typing this on a flight south to Mexico, where I will be joining a team assembled by Tannis Morgan to work with a cohort […]

Nancy White is on the Team!

We are more than excited to announce that Nancy White is part of the development and facilitator team for UdG Agora. An international expert in group facilitation, online collaboration, visual facilitation, and knowledge management, Nancy brings more than abundant energy and enthusiasm to every project she is part of. You can expect to learn much…