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Novedades tecnológicas en el curso de Identidad Corporativa en el CUAAD

#Identidad16B, @maruperezmx

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Novedades tecnológicas en el curso de Identidad Corporativa en el CUAAD

Report María Eugenia Pérez Cortés CUAAD.

1.- Introduction (It is a brief presentation of the class project or the implementation)

In short, I was able to take advantage of the infrastructure of the room that the University provides me, achieving very satisfactory results for me and detonating more ideas for the immediate future.

1.- I achieved greater interaction and feedback in the students’ work with me and with themselves.

2.- Request for activities that I have not thought of before and which, in my view, favored the academic level of the students.

3.- I had the opportunity to combine the knowledge acquired in the Diploma with the new resources provided by the University through the agreement with Google, which allowed me to further optimize the time and knowledge during the semester.

4.- I performed at the end of an opinion survey on the use of resources that are not requested and the results were very favorable, which motivates me a lot to continue.

2.-What and why? (What was implemented, what is the justification for having implemented it)

Throughout this course implemented for the first time the following:

1.- Use of memes.

2.- Use of GIFs.

3.- Use of Twitter in which you can follow up all the works that can be identified with the #Identidad16B

4.- Request a website to the students in their final work.

5.- Google tools with the institutional accounts of the UdeG, which briefly includes the following:

  • a) The institutional mail for me and the students.
  • b) Accommodation of all the contents of the two-month work of groups that take advantage of unlimited space capacity.
  • c) Creation of documents and collaborative presentations that were worked in and out of the classroom.

JUSTIFICATION: Initially it was with the purpose of putting into practice the learned and seeing the results of the activities in my particular context, after and after having checked the good results to explore the possibilities and that the graphic designers handling the communication by means Of images is elemental.

3.- How? (Describe strategies and methods used to implement reports, add links or relevant information)

1.- The Memes were used as a special challenge when they heard the news of the winner of the US elections.

2.- GIFs were used in several moments:

  1. A) In promoting a fictitious craft congress and as a promotion of his final work which consisted in the design of a personal identity.

3.- The videos are requested in the place of common presentations of PPoint and were basically used in two moments:

  • As a tool for the description of a concept called “Stylistic codes” and the description of the design process of a company identifier.
  • As an option to promote your personal identity in the definitive work.
  • The website that they used as a tool to promote their professional work, including some cases in their portfolio of work.

NOTE: All works are hosted on Twitter with the tag # Identidad16B.

4.- Reflection (Which strategies or instruments were the best and which were not so much, describe if unexpected situations arose)

Memes were the less popular strategies, but GIFs were taken to the palms in popularity and student satisfaction. In the case of the videos cost a little more work, they were not as popular, but the websites were unexpectedly popular and rescued.

One of the things that made me nervous to start the course and the Diplomate was to have to explain to the students who do as the challenges do. Maybe it was to be expected, but it was not useful thanks to the big thing, it helped me a bit of YouTube tutorials and after the students were covering the challenge practically alone. That was a great relief for me.

Of course it helps a lot that they are Graphic Designers in the penultimate semester of the race and that by now they already have many tools that they could put into practice in concrete cases.

5.- Evaluation (Describe how the activities were evaluated, and how they were evaluated by the students, added the necessary links or evidence)

The most important thing about this topic is that I finish the course, conduct an opinion survey among my students to give me an idea of ​​their perception. With pleasure compared to the survey, the results were very interesting. While they believe that there are things to improve, practically the whole group agrees that these activities should be preserved in the following courses. That pleased me

Compare the coupling so that the results of the survey results, suggesting since then focus on the specific outcomes of the challenges of this Diploma.

This is the link: https://goo.gl/forms/hpC6FftALi7H37JK2

6.- If no links or links are provided as evidence of the work with the students the report will not be valid, add in this space:

On twitter #Identidad16B are hosted all the works of the semester: Memes, GIFs, links of videos and websites.

1.- Examples of GIFs:

2.- Examples of videos:

3.- Examples of websites:

7.- Looking forward (Describe what you will continue to apply, what not, what can change or what new strategies you can generate)

1.-Incorporate in practice the comics that this time were left out.

2.- Optimize the requirements of Memes, GIFs, Videos and websites to achieve better results.

3.- To deepen in the knowledge of the tools of Google and Classrroom to strengthen and to combine the challenges of this Diplomate.

NOTICE: All the works of the next course will be on Twitter with the label # Identidad17A

8.- New contributions What would you recommend to your colleagues? What findings have been generated?

  1. You lose the fear of trying new things and give yourself the time to know more detail the skills of your students. They are digital natives. They may surprise you as they did with me.
  2. Explore and use the new Google mails institutional, the tools can be complemented very well with what we are requesting in this diploma and achieve very interesting results. In addition to allowing them to save time and effort.

  1. Hello María,

    You introduced many tools to your students; I can see from the examples they tweeted that they have many talents in graphic design. And they were perceptive in their meme responses to the American election.

    I edited your report to make the URLs links, and embed the tweeted examples from your student (If you write the URL for a tweet or a video on a blank line, Comparte will embed the media).

    You may want to try the Storify tool to create a collection of your best student tweets and links; see this Challenge for more information http://udg.theagoraonline.net/bank/assignments/storify

    Also, when you use a Twitter Tag, you can create a special Goggle Spreadsheet that archives and creates visualizations from the activity; see this Challenge

    I see the link to your google survey, but not the results. You do not have to share a direct link, but we would like to see a summary of the student evaluations. It is good to hear they enjoyed the assignments and found certain ones harder; I wonder if they see a value in using their skills for other kinds of design projects.

    We hope you do modify and try your implementation in the future. And more great student design work.

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