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The present project is the final report from an activity performed in the Mobile Learning Diploma, British UN Professors taught at the University of Guadalajara by the Justice Institute at Columbia; Whatever the sea was to conduct by students of the Bachelor of Psychology of the University Center of the Coast, a collaborative video on the History of Educational Psychology; Background, emergence and main representatives. This theme forms the thematic content of the Introduction Area of ​​Educational Psychology, which is taught in fourth semester of the Degree in Psychology.


Than? What and Why?


Students collaboratively fourth semester of the Bachelor of Psychology Video UN created the History of Educational Psychology; emergence, Background and Principal Representatives. Once made the video in this shared WAS facebook group “Introduction to Educational Psychology”, which was purpose this Parr CREATED. It is noteworthy that the issue of the above is part of the first unit of this matter. Originally this topic by reading a UN chapter of the book was provided by Professor of matter and later in plenary Relevant more about the history of educational psychology was addressed Acts were shared. This! That clearly showed that of teaching was focused on the contents of the subject and not in Student Learning.

I think that the fact that seean students themselves who tell the story of Educational Psychology, UN from what they themselves investigated in different literature sources and from their perspective, the paragraph makes active part in the construction of knowledge and allows them to do Mar significant learning rather than rote. That is, this activity allowed students to have a more active participation in learning, since they themselves were the ones who told the story of Educational Psychology, from the UN investigation.



This activity took place from the UN the second week of class; That’s because the first is talk about what is educational psychology, child What the: functions and activities of the educational psychologist and what is its scope. The students told with paragraph A week Perform this activity. For the implementation of this activity was carried out as follows:


  1. Planning activity from UN UN Perform format and the guidance provided by facilitators diploma
  2. Choose the challenge of implementing and the technological tools that will be used (select or developing programs for video)
  3. UN explain Students In that activity will consist of Conduct and the UN What is the purpose of it
  4. Students UN provide some examples of how to use the programs to carry video (video suggest Programs)
  5. Students UN provide some considerations for creating video: planning, script, lighting, Leisure, audio and video export, among other things
  6. Forming work teams
  7. UN explain students how to be evaluated vv video
  8. Develop and disseminate among students the formats that will be used to assess vv Parr activity
  9. Advise students with bathroom All the process of making video

It is worth mentioning that because one the time for completion of the video is very short, the activity monitoring is carried out through group counseling, already face sea, via email or facebook.





What it was passed that? What went well, what did not go so well and it was that unexpected? Do you consider representing UN instructor Success for you Like? What does your teaching practice in the future?


Describe Method Which you designed evaluation. Provides information, examples and feedback from your students, which show their perception of the effectiveness of your implementation.

Looking forward

If you will do this again or if you were advising someone, what would you do differently? What do I still would you do? What advice would you give a UN colleague Interested in your approach to teaching?