And… Go!

a presentation at Conectáctica
Guadalajara, Mexico December 20 2015

Press This Button?

(that means press the big button, it opens things)

The Diploma in Student Centred and Mobile Learning, also known as The Agora, adopted an innovative approach to faculty development in order to meet the unique context of the University of Guadalajara. The approach built on the previous Edupunk efforts of DS 106 and The YouShow as well as incorporating some elements experiential and applied learning being used at JIBC. We will explain the design of the Diploma, and describe what emerged in terms of UdG professor best practices, challenges, and surprises.

CC BY 4.0
Welcome to the Agora by Welcome to the Agora (a presentation by Tannis Morgan, Brian Lamb, and Alan Levine) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.