Creative Commons licensed image from Future Science Leaders

Creative Commons licensed image from Future Science Leaders

It may sound obvious, but you can get better at something by trying it repeatedly. This site offers participants in the UDG Agora (and anyone else interested) a small creative challenge each day. These are intended to help you learn media creation skills, creative thinking, reviewing open resources.

The Daily Try is published each day on the site and also will be tweeted by our AgoraUdG Twitter account (follow that account!) e.g.

To respond, send a tweet to @AgoraUdG that includes at least the hashtag specific each one (e.g. #agoratry9) your response, often of which will be a link to an image, audio file, video, web site.

That’s it! Within an hour, your tweet should show up on the page for that Daily Try, e.g. And you can see all of the responses by one person, maybe yourself, via a link that looks like, for Nancy White (@nancywhite)

You do not have to respond the same day as a Daily Try is published; you can respond to any existing one at any time. Looking for something unexpected? Try picking a random Daily Try.

All of Nancy White's Daily Try responses

Or you can browse all of the recent responses.

And… if you have an idea of something that would make for a good Daily Try, just send it to us via our form.

Keep on trying!

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