A few years ago, Jon Udell visited a class at Virginia Tech taught by Gardner Campbell. A student posed an interesting question about what would happen if she blogged about a word for which there was no search results:

I’m going to completely admit that before this class I knew absolutely nothing about the WWW and Internet infrastructure. And honestly, it still confuses me. Who knew that the web and the Internet were different things? I thought they were simply interchangeable words, synonyms that could be looked up on Microsoft word. But they are different and when to my surprise when I click on Internet, there are no synonyms for it. It is it’s own thing. Which brings us to what Jon Udell was saying in class. When it comes to the World Wide Web, our imagination is our only limit. We decide what we want to make. Who we want to share it with and what we want it to mean. Take words for example.  Dackolupatoni: when you Google that, nothing comes up. But here is our experiment. Let’s search it in a few hours and probably this will come up. Which is recursion. And then that person can be linked to this. And it goes on and on. Now isn’t that cool?

Create your own word for which there are no synonyms nor results found in search engines. Then maybe come back in a few days and see what happens.

Tweet a link for your response to @agoraUdG and be sure to include the hashtag #agoratry23

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    1.  communicataenabler
    2.  Futzopublicus is my Dackolupatoni

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