Have you tried something new this year in your class?

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Open our shared, editable google document and add it to it a description of a new method, practice you used this past year in your class or one that you would like to use next year. Write yours at the bottom of the list and include at the end your twitter name in parentheses.

Now review the ideas others have put on the list, and share one of those back as your response for this Daily Try (be sure to include the twitter name of the person who wrote it).

Share the idea and the twitter name to @agoraUdG and be sure to include the hashtag #agoratry41

One Response to “#agoratry41 Share a new teaching practice to a collaborative document”

  1. @SaraCarolinaGM

    For the final exam, I shared a document from google drive with the students and they should ask questions of the issues that I assigned. So everyone could see everyone’s questions and see if they remembered the answer. It worked great!


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