One Word to Frame My Day by @amyburvall

What one word stands out to describe your day?

Create a graphic version of that word in no more than three colors- draw the letters (do not use type tools!) and put a frame around it. Amy Burvall’s visual #oneword practice:

On my plane ride last night I had a thought – what if I could essentialize my day into 1 word? What would be the most important? I am a big fan of creativity in restraint… I also see it as a way to experiment with and practice my typography, since my palette is self-restricted to hot pink and black I really need to play in other ways.

Tweet your frames one word to @agoraUdG and be sure to include the hashtag #agoratry61

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    1. Arturo Laure

      @arturo_laure, Buena estrategia para estar concentrado y fijar objetivos


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