Suggested Agora iPad Apps


These are apps you should try and install before the face to face sessions. All of them are free.

Must-Have Apps

These apps are ones every participants should have on their iPads..


Useful Apps

These apps may not be required for a studio but are worth having on your iPad


Apps For Each Studio

These are the apps each studio will use. You should try to download them before the day you attend the studio


Assessment Tools

No apps.

Rethinking Your Course


Free Stuff: Finding, Sharing, and Reusing Open Resources

No apps required. ¡Viva la web abierta!

Herramientas para la Evaluación (Evaluation Tools)

Making Short Form Videos

Meme Media: Images and Animated GIFs

Recording and Creating with Audio



Visual Facilitation

How to Participate in the Agora

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