Using and Saving Photos on Your iPad

For the Agora project you will be creating things with your iPad and also in non-digital formats (post-it note, sketches). The best way to capture and share the latter ones is to take a photo with your iPad, so be sure to be comfortable with using the camera and finding the images on the device –look for the Photos app.

If you ever need to create an image of what you see on your iPad, here is a Power Tip— You can create a screen shot or take a picture of what is one your screen if you press the power button (top of edge of device on the right) and the home button (below the screen) at the same time.

Also, in most places in your iPad– email, twitter, the Safari web browser when you see image, if you press and hold down on the image, you should see an option to Save Photo. This will place a copy of that image into your Photos app.

See also a WikiHow article to learn how to organize your photos into albums.

Try this to see if you can learn how to save images to your photo album.

Find someone else’s photo in the #udgagora stream, view it, then save it to your ipad. See if you can then compose a new tweet with this photo — do we need to remind you to include the #udgagora hashtag?
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