Much is happening in the Agora; here you will find the timeline for 2016

The UdG Learning Journey
The UdG Learning Journey

Face-to-Face (F2F) Part A:  Getting Started:  Introduction to the Agora

June 14-17, 2016

June 2016 UDG Agora Face to Face Sessions

This week of f2f activities includes a variety of Studios with an emphasis on exploring the possibilities of mobile and student centred learning.  Learners will undertake challenge activities that will allow them to engage in hands-on  learning and share  what they create with the Agora site.

At the end of this week learners will have completed 8-10 studios and several topic-focussed sessions.  The emphasis of this week is to explore, create, and to begin sharing as a community.

Location:  Centro Universitario de Arte, Arquitectura y Diseño (CUAAD) Campus Guadalajara, Mexico

Horario (detailed schedule for June 2016)

Interim session:  Continue to engage and explore

June 18-August 25, 2016

The professors, with support from their triads,  work through a studio (online) that they didn’t get a chance to do. Triad members who did already completed it in the F2F can be a supportive tutor if needed.

Participants will also follow and communicate with each other our #UdGAgora twitter hashtag and complete creative activities from the Daily Try

Online Shared Exploration and Implementation

August 26 – Oct 21, 2016

UDG Agora 2016 Online / Implementation Phases

During the 8 week online portion learners will be actively integrating student-centred strategies into their classes and getting student feedback that is shared back with the community.  This portion is built around challenges that are completed in conjunction with their teaching, helping learners advance their own skills, knowledge, and confidence with guidance from JIBC facilitators, coaches, and their own learning community.  Learners will be actively contributing to open resource/s and in the process contributing to a larger open community.

Professors complete 2 implementation plans and implement with their classes.

Weekly or bi-weekly hangouts held on Fridays at 12PM GDL time (10AM PST)

Interim Session #2:

October 22-December 12, 2016

Meet with your triad and have a review meeting of your implementations

Select and submit your best implementation in Comparte

F2F Part B:  Putting it all Together, Celebrating Successes and Failures

December 13, 2016

UDG Agora 2016 Reflection Phase

The second F2F portion will be 1 day of activities, with the emphasis on having the learners be responsible for presenting, teaching, and showcasing  the topics.

Not a UdG Faculty Member and Would Like to Participate?

Although this site has been created for the UdG program faculty, it is an open site for anybody to reuse, remix, and follow along.  The program is structured around Studios and Challenges that you complete in order to advance your learning.

A key part of this program is sharing your completed challenges by submitting it to the Agora site. You can also remix and create challenges and submit them to the site.

How to Participate in the Agora

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  1. I am excited about this opportunity to participate in this great III Mobile diploma. In order to acquire skills to work with my students, to improve the quality of education.

    I am excited about this opportunity to participate in this great III Mobile diploma. In order to acquire skills to work with my students, to improve the quality of education.

  2. Hola Marisol!
    So glad you are excited. We are as well! There are 4 great studios that deal directly with media so you will be in good hands. Feel free to browse the studios now, they are all on the studio page.

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