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Meet Nancy White

Learner, facilitator, gardener, visual experimenter, grandmother, chocoholic. I’m good at falling down and bouncing back up again

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I’m a learner, mom, gramma and chocoholic. I live in Seattle, Washington, USA. I  founded Full Circle Associates in 1997 (I’m OLD!)  to help organizations connect through online and offline strategies.  At that time I was one of the pioneers in the practice of online facilitation.  Now I’m part of a broad network of practitioners.

I am an online and offline interaction designer, facilitator and coach for distributed communities of practice, online learning, distributed teams and online communities. I have a special interest in the NGO/NPO sector and the emerging practice of using communities and networks for work and learning.

I blog at . I teach, present and write on online facilitation and interaction, social architecture, learning, CoPs, graphic facilitation and social media ( I am a  co-author with Etienne Wenger and John Smith of Digital Habitats: stewarding technology for communities (

Expertise Brought to the Project

  • Group process/facilitation online and offline
  • Communities of Practice, technology stewardship for CoPs
  • Elearning design
  • Collaboration/cooperation
  • Chocolate
  • Visual practices

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    • The best place is on Dilo on this topic OK? And the main point here isn’t so much about “submitting a plan” but sharing it within our group to get feedback from your triad and other peers.

      One way to encourage others to give you feedback once you post your plans is to ask a specific question of them. OR comment on their plans and then invite them to look at yours. Reciprocity is valuable!

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