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Comics used to be inaccessible unless you had drawing skill.  With iPad apps, it is now very easy for students and instructors to create and share comics, and the application of teaching and learning with comics is growing.  Unfortunately, there are less and less free comic creation apps for the iPads, but this studio will introduce you to two possibilities.



We often think of comics as something that we read, but not as something that we can create with our students in university teaching.  Comics can be useful as an alternate assessment, as a collaborative learning activity, or even as a way to have students create content for your class.


Communicate  research via a comic: Should Geographers wear specs?

To explain or walk through an ethical dilemma:  Notice the difference between the illustrated comic version and the text version at the bottom of the page.
Reflecting on an experience:  Teaching bedside manner
Explaining or arguing an evidence-based position:  Vaccinations
Where would you use comics in your class if you wanted students to:
  • summarize a book chapter
  • explain a concept (e.g. corrosion)
  • explain or respond to an event
  • interpret or summarize a topic
  • describe an event


 Comic Creator options for this studio

Baiboard  is technically not a comic book creation app, but it can be adapted very easily.


Easy:  Using Baiboard, create a 1 square comic that explains or expresses how you feel about something. Eg. using your iPad for teaching, using comics with students in your course.  Share your comic in the challenge bank.

Intermediate: Using a comic making app, create a short comic that explains a process or a concept. eg. how to make tacos, how to find a taco stand, oxidation, liquefaction.  Think about a place in your course where your students do this challenge. Share your comic in the challenge bank.
 Advanced:  Choose 1 of the 2 options:
1.  Create a comic that explains to students what they need to do to complete one of the assignments in your class.  OR
2.  Create a comic that explains to students what your course is about and what they will learn and do.


Visuals are a good way to present, explain, and describe ideas and concepts and comics are an alternate way of doing this.

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