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User Experience Fishbowl

Such great sharing by the fishbowl participants of the first @CIEP_UdeG @JIBCnews #udgagora — Tannis Morgan (@tanbob) June 14, 2016 At today’s opening session for the 2016 Cohort of UDG Agora, four participants from 2015 were invited back to provide insight into their experience via one of the Liberating Structures formats known as the…

Shift and Share Summaries

Below you can find images from the notes from the group discussions at the “Shift and Share” sessions helpd at UdG in December 2015. In these sessions, participants gathered in groups associated with the UdG Agora Studios. The prompts were to share the learnings that shifted the proactive of UdG professors. After brainstorming with post-it…